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Welcome to the Website of the 24th Congress
of the World Association for Sexual Health


It is with great pleasure that I invite you all to participate at the 24th Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) to be held in Mexico City (October 12 to 15, 2019). WAS is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and we invite all of you to join us in promoting Sexual health and Sexual Rights for All in Mexico City.

WAS is the world’s major umbrella organization in the field of sexual health / sexual rights, representing more than one hundred member organizations and several other global organizations from the five continents. Moreover, WAS is a truly multidisciplinary organization and the oldest global organization in the field of sexual health. Born in 1978 has been mostly concerned with sexual health and rights across the globe since then. Our mission statement summarizes this vision, emphasizing that WAS “promotes sexual health throughout human life spans all over the world by developing, promoting and supporting sexology and sexual rights for all”.

Participating at the WAS Congress in Mexico will be an opportunity to celebrate and share the diversity and richness of the science and practice of sexual health and sexual rights and meet experts and colleagues from all over the globe. Diversity is expressed by the array of scientific areas that contribute for the understanding of sexuality, including historical and social sciences, behavioural sciences, clinical and medical sciences, as well as educational sciences. Moreover, a wide range of applied areas and topics will be represented.

We will have a very intense, diverse, and global scientific program chaired by Alain Giami and Erick Janssen (vice-chair), together with the Local Organizing Committee (Osmar Matsui, Luis Perelman, Veronica Delgado, Eusebio Aurioles, and Esther Corona).

Finally, participating at the WAS Congress in Mexico is an opportunity to share and network with a truly multicultural audience from a variety of countries in the five continents while enjoying the atmosphere of one of the most historical UNESCO World Heritage cities in the world.

Welcome to Mexico City

Pedro Nobre
President of the World Association for Sexual Health



The principal and most vital part of the Congress of the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS) is its scientific program. The field of sexual health is complex and consists of a wide variety of disciplines, including education, psychological and other social sciences, medicine, public health, and activities ranging from research, therapy, education, and advocacy. WAS considers the link between sexual health and sexual rights a core focus and goal, and this forms the basis of a range of activities related to advocacy and the promotion and defense of human rights when they are under threat.

Every two years, researchers, clinicians, educators, policy makers, and activists with expertise and interest in human and sexual rights come together for the most important global event in the field of sexual health to present their work, their ideas and experiences, and to discuss them openly with colleagues that represent well over 70 countries and most continents and regions in the world. Delegates are invited to present their work to the Scientific Committee and their work goes through a careful process of peer review. The submission and evaluation of projects for the WAS Congress is the very first moment where participants and members of the Scientific Committee and the International Scientific Committee share their work and discuss them. Then, after additional evaluation, the papers are selected for symposia presentations, invited lectures, poster sessions, and workshops that will engage, educate, and hopefully inspire the participants during the 4 days of the WAS congress.

The WAS Congress is a festival of knowledge and sharing, a place where sexual science, sexual medicine, public health, sex education, and last but not least human and sexual rights meet and interact. In order to attract researchers, health professionals, educators, social workers, activists, and others to present their work at the Congress, the WAS Scientific Committee has created seven tracks which aim to represent most disciplines involved in sexual health and sexual rights. They are the following:

  1. Sexual Rights & Ethics (Tommi Paalanen & Tomoko Saotome)
  2. Social & Behavioral Sciences (Terry Humphreys & David Paternotte)
  3. Clinical Sciences & Therapy (Denise Medico & Patricia Pascoal)
  4. Basic Science (Jim Pfaus)
  5. Sexual Medicine (Mijal Luria & Béatrice Cuzin)
  6. Public Health and Public policies (Kenneth Rochel de Camargo)
  7. Education (Osmo Kontula & Lin Myers Jovanovic)

Together with the WAS Scientific Committee, the WAS International Scientific Committee will help evaluate proposals and abstracts, and the Local Scientific Committee, in addition, will focus on the solicitation of proposals from Mexico and other Latin American countries.

We hope that this will be an attractive congress for all who have a desire or interest in exchanging and sharing ideas and experiences, and those who wish to hear about the newest developments in research, practice, and policy in sexual health and human rights.

Alain Giami & Erick Janssen
WAS Scientific Committee


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