World Association For Sexual Health
Federación Mexicana de Educación Sexual y Sexología A. C.

About WAS

Since 1978, WAS has been the pre-eminent global organization concerned with sexual health and rights. Our membership represents thousands of experienced as well as trainee sexologists from a variety of disciplines. With biennial congresses held in different regions of the world, WAS has facilitated sexual health through education, health promotion and networking for over three decades. In the recent years, WAS constituency has also become involved in advocating changes in public policy to recognize sexual health and rights as key ingredients in overall health and social justice. Financial support from individuals, foundations, corporations, and governments has sustained this work around the world.

WAS works to promote sexual health for all. Sexual health is a goal not only for the clinicians. It is the common goal of many disciplines. Sexuality education is meant to foster human development and facilitate sexually healthy lives for people at all stages of the life cycle. Interventions in clinical sexology have the goal of promoting, maintaining and restoring sexual health. Sex research is involved in the creation of evidence-based knowledge that supports others to attain and maintain sexual health.




Join us and be part of WAS!

Enjoy the privileges of membership benefits and get the reduced registration fee for WAS Congress 2019 in Mexico!

WAS Student Member Very Early Fee for Congress: 120 USD

Student WAS Membership Annual Fee: 20 USD


  • Reduced registration fee to the biannual WAS congress
  • Free subscription to WAS Newsletter published 4 times per year
  • Free subscription to the International Journal of Sexual Health
  • Reduced subscription rates to the Journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy
  • The opportunity to publish articles in the WAS Newsletter
  • The opportunity to announce upcoming events to WAS members (via Facebook, website banners and mailing)
  • Students members are eligible to attend the General Assembly and participate in discussions but are not eligible to cast a vote



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